Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Undefined Happiness....

It was on a Friday morning, 4th April 2014. I clearly remember the day. There is something very special about some days or some days are really special. Friday brings in a stream of happiness as it is the last day of the working week and a sense of relaxation runs within us. The sheer idea of sleeping late and waking up late next day with no work pressure, no rush is enough for me to enjoy. I eagerly wait for Friday evening…on my way back home everything seems wonderful and lively and there it is, I see Saturday hiding and smiling at me with a promise that it will bring along loads of fun. Anyway let’s not get too carried away and focus on Friday Morning. Well KS (husband) was in London for some work and I had to drop AS (daughter) to the nursery. She was in deep sleep when KS left and hence when she woke up she was looking for her dear Papa…checking behind the doors and going towards the main door with a hope that her Papa might come in!

With great efforts I dressed her up after giving her a shortcut bath. Yes ‘shortcut bath’ is my term which happens from Mon-Fri and ‘leisure tub bath’ on Sat & Sun. AS enjoys tub bath and every child of her age does. Dressed up in pink she looked pretty. So pretty that I cuddled her and kissed her…:*. She has a dense tuff of hair which is dark, silky and shiny. They look amazing and added to As’s charm. Suddenly I came up with an idea to tie ponies of her beautiful hair. I am glad..I thought…I did and it looked amazingly cute. My cute little AS with two ponies, new set of teeth which made her look like a cute little rabbit was looking fabulous, adorable, kissable, huggable and every inch of a Diva that day. It wasn’t that easy to make her sit while I was styling her hair as toddlers are difficult to manage and once they are on their legs they don’t want to sit. There she was standing in between, moving her head which meant she didn’t want those ponies on her head, pulling the comb, stretching the rubber band but I didn’t give up. To distract her I sang some rhymes, played some rhymes on the tablet (thanks to the technology, it is a boon for mother’s to distract the kids. I am not in the favour of kids getting used/addicted to technology but I was OK today). It made me think for a while – am I bribing her? The problem with me is I think too much!!

Finally it worked. As the Ba-ba-blacksheep started she forgot everything that was going with her hair and was engrossed in watching the rhymes. Happy me!! Without wasting a single minute I tied two ponies. I recollected that my mother called them ‘juttu’. I then saw AS’s face and there she was so cute…I kissed her. Clicked her photograph’s….an overly obsessed Mum I am! Mum’s in 21st century are smitten by clicking photographs and uploading them or treasuring. They probably want to capture every moment of their growing kid. After having achieved this I was extremely happy. Sent the pics to KS through Whatsapp (again technology ki jai ho!). He called me back and I could sense how happy KS was looking at her cute snaps. That call by him which was full of happiness made me was too infectious to escape. I was madly looking at her and every time I looked at her I felt I was happier than before. I could not really define that happiness which definitely is a normal thing for others but rewarding for parents to see how beautifully their baby comes to the world and then grows so beautiful day by day. I also compared her snap in those 2 juttu’s with my childhood snap to find the similarity. To me she looked the most gorgeous. I called up my mum to tell her and she said that to her I was the most gorgeous in ‘2 juttu’s’. Isn’t this fascinating that for a Mum her baby is the most beautiful and gorgeous?!

She is our most prized possession and has got so much of happiness in our lives. Happiness which can be felt but can’t be expressed in words and hence I say happiness undefined. There is something strange about such undefined happiness…it is unforgettable, long lasting. I kept on looking at her snaps for the whole day, those 2 juttu's were my fountains of HAPPINESS..:) 


AS loves being clicked with 2 Juttu's
TS - AS's mum
Cute little AS with her Juttu's aka Fountains of happiness